Gov. Carlos Padilla Speech


June 30, 2018

First, let me express my gratitude to the organizers for their kind invitation to this representation to attend this momentous occasion, the SMU ALUMNI AND VIZCAYANOS GRAND REUNION at Los Angeles, California. But my special thanks to MS ZENIE FABROA-MELO who saw to it, as early as 2016, that I would be able to fly to America in order to be be with you tonight. And congratulations to her and to all the organizing committees for successfully bringing all these warm bodies here at Los Angeles thereby making this event a reality for this did not happen by accident. It entailed months of preparations and planning, coupled with hard work, sacrifice, patience and dedication.

We have reasons to expect that this reunion shall be both momentous and nostalgic. Meeting old friends, relatives, former classmates, and “kababayan” is always exciting. It brings back memories of the past, rekindles old ties and builds new acquaintances. Surely, this is one step toward fostering friendship, love and unity among the SMU Alumni and Novo Vizcayanos of the North America.

We are glad to note that in spite of your having settled in a place away from home, in the effort to pursue the "AMERICAN DREAM", the spirit of Nueva Vizcaya in you has never disappeared. Notwithstanding your long absence and the distance to the motherland, your ties with the Province has remained robust and strong. We find this to be very inspiring and challenging for us all to strive harder to make Nueva Vizcaya a much better place to live in.

In line with that goal. are glad to let you know that we are committed to push a 13-point agenda known by its acronym, "PRAYERS N FAITH". It is actually a platform of government started four years ago by my immediate predecessor, the then Governor Ruth Raña-Padilla. And it is being vigorously pursued by our present administration.

Spelled out, "PRAYERS N FAITH" is as follows:

P - rotecting the Environment

R - estructuring the provincial bureaucracy

A -gricultural Development and food security

Y - outh and Sports Development

E - ducation and Skills training

R - ural Development including energization of rural areas

S - ocial Services for the elderly, PWD's, women and the marginalized sectors

N - et working and establishing Linkages with partners

F - arm to Market roads and infra develoment

A- rts and Culture

I - ndigenous people's

T -ourism that is sustainable and mindful of ecological concerns

H - ealth Services for our people

Due to time constraint, I may not be able to explain the details of the agenda and what we have done so far to achieve them.

It is then our wish to avail of this opportunity to acknowledge with a deep sense of gratitude all your good deeds done back home. Whether by direct assistance to kinfolk or through medical missions and/or community and school based projects, said initiatives are greatly felt by our people. And not to forget, your remittances have always helped keep the Philippine economy afloat. Reports coming from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the total remittances from all over the world amounted to $31.3 billion in 2017 alone with those coming from America and Canada constituting the biggest. Sana huwag po kayong magsawa sa inyong pagpapadala at pagtulong. At kung maari dagdagan pa.

Let this be a fitting occasion, too, to pay tribute to the thousands of SMU alumni who are now scattered all over the world. You have proven to become ambassadors of goodwill not only for your beloved alma mater, the St. MARY's UNIVERSITY but for the entire province of Nueva Vizcaya. We are proud of you and keep up the good work.

On the other hand, you must be proud of what your University has become. With Fr. Neil Santa Ana at its helm, SMU continues to excel in providing quality education to our young people in Nueva Vizcaya and the nearby provinces. Today, it is fast becoming a center of excellence in education in the entire Philippines. .

As I close let me again express my heartfelt gratitude for giving me the honor and privilege to become part of this program. It has been a wonderful reunion. Please have fun and enjoy the rest of the night.



Governor, Province of Nueva Vizcaya