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The dance group has 10 members. Beautiful and energetic women in spite of their full time jobs as career women, mothers, wives, girlfriends, still find time to dance and go out of their ways to entertain and make other people have fun. The verve and exhilaration of their dance attracts people of all ages, as does the sense of community, the sheer pleasure of moving to music and the physical closeness. When they dance on stage and perform, they exudes the vibration of oneness with the people watching and they can make people learn more about themselves, break their inhibitions, stimulates their minds and find new friends.

The Dance Moms had very humble beginnings. It started with a few ladies who shared the passion for dancing on June 2015. They called the group of 5, OMG Dance Group. The original members: Belen Garcia Romero, Emeteria Carr, Monet Atienza Marual, Ruby Pangan, and Yvonne Gonzales.

The group metamorphosed into well-seasoned dancers of 10 that are now The Dance Moms of Los Angeles in 2018. They have been a fixture in the dance communities, especially the Filipino communities of Los Angeles. The group had performed as opening acts to some and of many concerts of well-known Filipino Entertainers:

Performed as OMG

  • Hotdog Us Concert Tour – May 20, 2017 (Envision Center)

  • OPM Hitmakers (Hajji Alejandro, Rico J, Rey Valera, Marco Sison) – April 29, 2018 (The Grove of Anaheim)

  • Ariel Rivera Live in L.A. – July 28, 2018 (Aratani Theater)

Performed as Dance Moms of Los Angeles (new name)

  • GMA Kapusong Pinoy (Marian Rivera-Dantes, Aiai Delas Alas, Christian Bautista, Julie Ann Santos, Super Tekla, Donita Jose) – October 7, 2018 (The Grove of Anaheim)

  • John Claude Gummoe, The original Voice of Cascades – January 12, 2019 (Envision Center)

  • My 40 years Sharon Cuneta Tour – March 30, 2019 (Alex Theater)

  • He’s Back Gary V in Los Angeles – April 21, 2019 (Saban Theater)

The Dance Moms members are active and successful in their chosen professions, God-loving individuals, active members of their parishes, and respected citizens of their communities:

Agnes Puno Gonzales (

Belen Romero Garcia (
Blanca Sugue Cacho (

Cecile Antonio (

Elizabeth Mendoza Magtoto (

Emeteria Carr (

Judith Rendon Contreras (

Monet Atienza Marual (

Yvonne Gonzales (

Zen Melo (

The dance moms share their wisdom and their secret to forever young, “dance can change relationships, it can help people overcome shyness and give people a new lease on life, healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. They have a skill they can go out and have fun with and use for the rest of their lives.”

They are grateful to God for the talent He gave – the gift of dance – which is a blessing; hence, they will keep on dancing.

The Dance Moms will be featured in the TV Feature Segment of TFC for Mother’s Day Special on May 3, 2019 at 5:00 p.m., Channel 18, produce by So. Janelle Entertainment, Producers.

Dance Moms previous performance...

Also one of our members will embark to new adventures. Belen will say “I do” to Fred Paglia on May 11, 2019. Congratulations!

Please follow Dance Moms of Los Angeles in their website (will be announce) for more exciting features it will provide to all dance lovers.

More power to you, Dance Moms of Los Angeles. Keep on dancing!