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•   Arlyne Tiam (Coronel)  11/6
•   Edwin Edilberto Mania (Mania)  11/23
•   Alex Guillaume Mathieu Panganiban  5/27
•   Mary Glenn Quintos (Espiritu)  3/12
•   Vilma Delizo (Sumaydeng)  10/27
•   Vianney Delizo (Mclaughlin)  10/27
•   Kathlyn Palafox  9/2
•   Joel Castillo (Castillo)  7/20
•   Julius Tuazon  6/26
•   Cely Baladad (Gutierrez)  5/19
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•   Emma Ligot (Geronsin)  7/6
•   Carina Stop Poverty Foundation (Stop Poverty Foundation)  7/14
•   Alejandro Jr Pascua  7/19
•   Leonardo Dumo  7/27
•   Modesto "Eddie" Abellera, Jr.  7/30
•   Dante Magat  8/2
•   Eleanor Abungan (Johnson)  8/4
•   Norma Baladad (Tottoc)  8/4


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SMGHS Class ‘61

July 1945 - January 6, 2022


Carmen Bisquera Gamboa (Class '61 of St. Mary’s University Girls' High School) born July 27, 1945, passed away January 6, 2022 after a lingering illness. She has been battling ovarian cancer  for 3 years. She fought valiantly but she was no match against the ravages of the disease.

She graduated BSE from SMU and taught for two years at Barangay Vista Hill, Bayombong, where she made an impact promoting academic and charitable projects and causes. 

Thereafter she was employed by the government at TESDA (Technical Education And Skills Development Authority) where she acquited herself with honour. She was under Ms. Mila Dawa a high ranking TESDA executive and alumnae of Saint Marys University College of Engineering. 

She is the only girl among 6 children. A daring and innovative lady, unafraid and undaunted by risks, frustrations and disappointments. She migrated to Canada in 1992  and worked hard so she could send money to her family in the Philippines. She supported them and was also able to send tuition and matriculation fees to her grandchildren in the Philippines. She Will be remembered for her selfless character, her generous nature, her integrity as a private person and government employee, her capacity for being extremely compassionate to all, especially when her youngest child Anging suffered third degree burns all over his body as a result of an exploding Petromax lantern when he took hold of the ferociously burning lamp in an attempt to save their house from being burned down. He had to undergo several painful surgeries and had to go to Australia for further treatment and plastic surgery where a formerly grotesque appearance was transformed considerably into a pleasant looking Anging. Through it all Carmen never gave up hope toiling and having two three different jobs just so she could finance her son’s operations. She had to get loans to get by in this selfless endeavour. She has shown her generosity to all. 

This is her everlasting legacy. May she be welcomed in the Lord’s kingdom. 

She is survived by her children Joseph, Bernadette and Anging and a brother Donald, grandchildren, nieces, nephews. his son-in law Danny and daughters in law . She’s also survived by her Class ’61 classmates in Toronto, Leticia Gurat Europa, Delano Europa, Melchor Ambatali, Jr., Wilfred P. Fabroa and all members of the SMU Alumni Association of Toronto.



Wishing you all a very joyful New Year despite these difficult times.  We really wish things were different.  We hope that the new year brings your families more happiness and prosperity and that in time the world will be a safe place again.

It has been a hard year for everyone but the new year is coming -- it's that time of the year when we finally let go of all our bad decisions, mistakes and in regard to this year, hopefully the face mask, the fear of the novel coronavirus, and being able to hug the people we love without pouring sanitizer all over us.  

Love your family from a distance and give the gift of sacrifice so we will all be safe.

Happy New Year everyone.

From the officers of the Vancouver Reunion and the SMU/VAI



The officers of the Steering Committee of the Vancouver 2020 Grand Reunion and the officers of the main organization had decided to cancel the 2020 Grand Reunion due to the new development and latest update of the CDC regarding the outbreak that became a worldwide pandemic. We want our members and all alumni to be safe. It is a very sad situation but it has to be done. We decided to move the reunion to May 27, 28, 29, 2021.

The officers of the Vancouver Grand Reunion will continue to promote and work on the reunion for 2021 with the same enthusiasm and passion as they have been doing these past months. We encourage everyone to look forward and support our reunion with the same commitment as we have been doing for all these years. In unity we will be stronger to meet all these challenges.

The venue will still be the same and it will be in the same hotel. The program will remain as it was initially planned. All Alumni who already paid their registration will be applied for the 2021 event. All sponsors that already paid will also be assign to the pages that they paid for.

We will keep you posted for any new update.

We pray that this calamity will be contain very soon. May the Lord protect us, our families and all the people of the world. We pray for the success of our reunion.

God Bless Us All.

From the officers of the Vancouver Steering Committee and officers of the VAInternational.



To all the alumni, friends, families and all Vizcayanos,

Due to the global and widespread epidemic or the Coronavirus that had affected air travel all over the world and the risk to the health of everyone, the Vancouver 2020 Grand Reunion had been postponed to September 18, 19, 20, 2020. The health and wellbeing of all our allumni, friends, families and all Vizcayanos, are the main priority of this organization. We want everyone to be safe.

The officers of the Vancouver 2020 Steering Committee are working hand in hand with the officers of the main organization to ensure that this move to the Fall will be safe for everyone.

More announcements will follow and will update you all of the development.

Be safe and do whatever it takes to protect yourselves and your family from this disease.

From the officers of the Vancouver 2020 Steering Committee and the officers of the Vizcayanos Alumni International.

God Bless and protect us all....


(St. Mary's College Boys High School, Class of '61)
First Filipino Justice of the Peace in Canada retires

posted February 23, 2020 at 03:00 am
by Sylvia Europa Pinca

The first Filipino to be appointed Justice of the Peace in Toronto, Canada, and who worked in the downtown and Scarborough courts handling cases for 25 years, exits the majestic doors of the courts he has served this February 2020. Canadian Justices of the Peace are given until they are 75 years old to serve in the Canadian government. Since he enjoyed his job as magistrate, he has maxed out his retirement age and will say goodbye to his colleagues and friends this February 2020 just before his 75th birthday on May 22, 2020.

This Justice of the Peace who lived his life in Toronto, Ontario happens to be my oldest brother, Delano V. Europa. Our father got his first name from the great American President Delano Roosevelt. My husband Ric Pinca and I were in Ontario for a short vacation last November and we requested to watch the proceedings of his court. It was our opportunity to watch this man we admired so much. Entering the court was a breeze as my brother advised the Caucasian guards that his family from the Philippines was coming. The guards were supposed to examine our bags and us as a whole but I heard a guard say “they are the family of his worship Delano Europa.”

But Justice of the Peace Europa recounts those days when he was a new immigrant in Canada. He was already a lawyer in the Philippines and Municipal Judge but he started at the bottom in Canada, so to speak, in a chocolate factory where he had to mix a cauldron of boiling hot chocolate with other blue collar workers.

He recounts: “The foreman was not happy with my work and he said look at that man over there, he did not go to school but he does a better work than you.” And my brother retorted: “That is why I went to school, so I get a better job.” In Canada you have to have a job experience before you can get in “the higher workforce.” So my brother transferred to being a park attendant where he studied languages and to studied law subjects at night to add to his Philippine law experience. He had to study law and take up the bar in Toronto to qualify as a lawyer there. Fortunately, he passed the bar exams of Toronto. He worked as a lawyer and later as Justice of the Peace in the downtown Toronto court where there were a lot of cases.

Yes, he is addressed as His Worship in a court dominated by whites. We had a wonderful time watching him at work in a Scarborough court populated by lawyers, prosecutors and stenographers. He presided over bail cases in a long black robe with a silky shirt inside.

People stood up and bowed when he entered the court and called him His Worship. It was a very formal proceeding with very quiet surroundings. Police was in every corner guarding the court. The prosecutor and lawyers stayed on the last table next to the audience. The next table was occupied by stenographers taking notes and Justice Europa stayed in a throne-like stage. In all the court discussions, Europa, the Justice of the Peace gets to say the last word.

As the court opened, the name of the person going to be arraigned was announced by the police. The handcuffs of the prisoner were unlocked when he entered the glass structure that separated him from the rest of humanity.

There was human drama in the courtroom. Dignified, well-poised parents came to rescue their children from prison. A professor from the University of Toronto and his equally sedate wife calmly listened to the prosecutor as he narrated how their son went through the streets of Toronto, driving under the influence (DUI) of liquor. A young man in his 20s, his parents willingly paid for his bail that Justice of the Peace Europa required which was CDN$ 1,000 dollars. If the son commits the same crime, the bail money gets forfeited and the son returns to jail. The freed son quietly approached his parents and hugged his parents as a way of saying thanks.

Next in line was a 35-year-old man who was brought to court and his handcuffs were unlocked when he entered the glass structure. His crime was shoplifting and he had done it several times. When his mother was called, she refused to post bail as she was admonished to see to it that her son did not do it again. The mother said she could not possibly restrain him from his shoplifting as he was an adult and that he did not live with them anymore. The prosecutor recommended no bail and Justice of the Peace Europa agreed with him. The son pleaded with his parents saying he had no one else but them who can save him from prison. The parents turned their backs and left the room. These are some of the things we saw in my brother’s court in Canada. My husband and I were elated to see him make wise decisions.

What this meant to us was that we saw a member of our family in a good position in Canadian society. He is the first Filipino justice of the peace who was appointed in Toronto. His daughter and son-in-law are also doing good. Seeing all these, we are very happy for them, and makes us believe that the Filipino can make the best of life where ever he is.

The author is a former president of Europa Public Relations. She is now retired.

January 2020

Greetings from Vancouver 2020 Grand Reunion Committee!

We are pleased to invite you to the Vizcayanos International Grand Reunion to be held at the Holiday Inn Vancouver-Centre.

It is our hope that through this worthwhile event, we as Vizcayanos can bridge the gap across time, distance and generations to enkindle and forge friendships and emerge as one strong and solid group in support of each other around he world.

This gathering will be a three-day event, which will include the following:

  • Welcome Night / Registration

  • Gala Night

  • Picnic

We would highly appreciate any financial help to the organization through sponsorship or advertisement.

Please visit the website at for more information about registration and rates for Sponsorship/Souvenir Advertisement. You can also contact the following for more details:

Joel Castillo - Chairperson
Cell#: (604) 726-5274 Email:

Araceli Baladad Gutierrez – Secretary
Cell#: (604) 512-4027 Email:

May we request and encourage you to spread the word about this event and forward this invitation to our “kababayans” far and wide.

Looking forward to seeing you on May 29-31, 2020 in Vancouver!



Past is to learn from our mistakes and the future is to work for our dreams. We have to make sure not to repeat past mistakes while achieving future goals. Happiness, success and gratitude are all we should seek in the upcoming year. Keep the worth cherishing memories of the past year and the promising goals for the new year. No matter where life will take all of us, we must always focus on our goals. And one of our goals my fellow Vizcayanos will be to get together this coming May 29 to May 31, 2020 to forge new friendships and create forever loving memories.


From the officers of the 2020 Vancouver Grand Reunion

 Breaking News!!!!

Greetings to all Vizcayanos, Friends, Families and Classmates:

The Vancouver 2020 Grand Reunion on May 29, 30, and 31, 2020 is now making another history for all Vizcayanos. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.

The steering committee headed by Joel Castillo, chairperson and Araceli Gutierrez, Executive Director, Secretary are very happy to announce the continuation of a wonderful experience to all Vizcayanos that will begin in British Columbia, Canada.

Registration for the reunion will start today. The Grand reunion will be held at:
The Holiday Inn-Vancouver Centre, British Columbia, Canada
West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 3Y2, Canada
Tel. #604-707-1939

Email: Website:  - Group Code: NVR
Rate: CN$259.00 double occupancy plus corresponding taxes

To book a room call the hotel reservation at 604-707-1939 and mention the group code
for the group rate or go to their website.

All rooms are standard and guests can have choices of kinds of rooms preferred (king, queen, 2 double beds). The double bed occupancy can accommodate 4 people with additional $10.00 with free breakfast.

The hotel is very accessible to public transportation. City tours are available and other tourist spots (phone numbers and location will be provided at your request on check-in)

All Vizcayanos are requested to register (online) as early as possible:
Registration fee: $200.00 (Personal Checks only)

All Canadians will pay in Canadian dollar (CN$200.00) and will send their checks to:

Araceli Baladad Gutierrez, Executive Director/Secretary
2445 Cape
Horn Avenue
British Columbia, Canada V3K lKl

All checks payable to: Araceli B. Gutierrez (bank account is still routed via Vizcayanos Alumni International - Chase Bank, Los Angeles)

All residents of the continental USA and other countries (Europe, Australia, Asia, etc) will pay in US currency (US $200.00- personal checks or bank drafts) and send their checks, money orders or bank drafts to:

Zen Melo, President, Vizcayanos Alumni International
7700 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Unit 601
Park, CA 91304

All checks payable to: Vizcayanos Alumni International (US residents and other countries)Chase Bank
Account Number: (will be provided) EIN #(will be provided)

The Welcome Night on May 29, 2020 and Gala Night on May 30, 2020 will be held at the Holiday Inn-Vancouver Centre. More information will follow.

The picnic on May 31, 2020 will be at: Rocky Point Park
Port Moody, B.C., Canada

More information to follow.

Please register as soon as possible. See you all in Vancouver in 2020. God Bless Us All.

From the officers of the Vizcayanos Alumni International in cooperation with Vancouver
2020 Grand Reunion. 



We celebrate the most important and special women in our lives, our mothers.  Today is a wonderful opportunity to thank our mothers for all what she had done for all of us.

As we look at our mother her arms were always open when we needed a hug.  Her heart understood when we needed a friend.  She listens and  never judged.  Her gentle eyes were stern when we needed a lesson.  Her strenght and love were the guiding light and that love gave us wings to fly. Our lives did not come with a manual for us to know what to do but it came with a mother and we learned.  There's a reason that we all think that we can achieve anything, we listened to our mothers.

To all mothers , enjoy your day, and celebrate with us how we love you.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY - MOM....heartkissheart

Greetings from the officers of the Vizcayanos Alumni International.

The members of the Vancouver 2020 Reunion are gearing up for the big day.  Watch for our next announcements

Something wonderful is happening in Los Angeles since we bid farewell in 2018 at the SMU Vizcayanos Reunion.

All of us enjoyed dancing with the OMG girls and how their dances inspired all of us to groove and sway with the music. Oh, what a night to remember.

I am proud to announce that these memories have been transported in time today and in the future as a new group have emerged and will continue to inspire everyone who loves to dance and to appreciate the art of dancing and entertainment....more on OMG page

You may be far from sight, but not far from our thoughts. Happy Easter!

Greetings from the Executives of the Vizcayanos Alumni International


Another wonderful year is going to end. But no worries, one more year is on the way to decorate our lives with unlimited colors of joy,  May this new year bring all the good things in our lives we truly deserve.  We had an amazing year already and we are going to  have another amazing one.  New is the year, new are the hopes, new are the resolutions, new are the spirits and new are our warm wishes for all of us.

Have a promising and fulfilling New Year!!!

Be safe and enjoy!

From the officers of the Vizcayanos Alumni International

Christmas Greetings to all our loved ones, classmates and fellow vizcayanos

Wishing you a Christmas day full of joy and laughter.  Savor the wonderful delights for months to come. Warmest greetings of the season and best wishes for happiness in the New Year with Christmas blessings. May all the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your hearts and fill every desire.  Spread the warmth of the Christmas season to all those around you and make the world a beautiful place to live.


Greetings from the officers of the new Vizcayanos Alumni International.  See you all in Vancouver come 2020.

SMU Alumni Association of Los Angeles is now registered as
VIZCAYANOS ALUMNI INTERNATIONAL -  "A community of all high schools, SMU graduates and other colleges in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines"

Its domain name and new website is:

NEWS RELEASE....July 8, 2018

Dear all Viscayanos Alumni, friends and families:

Thank you for your attendance and support to the aumni reunion of all Vizcayanos held at Los Angeles, California last June 29, 30 and July 1, 2018.

We received lots of kudos and support from you and even those who did not join us upon viewing the pictures tidbits on facebook postings of Manang Ana Tumaliuan-Andres and Manang Ellie Abungan-Johnson, wished that they had come. Well, there will alway be a next time. 

During the picnic at Lake Balboa, I announced, after talking to Manang Elvie Calamug Nguyen at the lobby of Hilton, Woodland Hills, that Chicago might be the next venue and that she will work with Manonng Tony Abellera and his wife, Manang Mila.  I am so sorry that I misspoke too early and fast because we will not have the next reunion in Chicago, Illinois in the year 2020.

I talked to Joel Castillo from Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya, who is an active community leader of the Filipinos in British Columbia, Canada, and requested him to lead the planning of the 2020 reunion, Joel accepted and I know that he will do an excellent job planning this reunion.  Cely and George Gutierrez with the other officers of the Los Angeles Chapter will act as advisers.

Zen Fabroa-Melo, President of the SMU & Vizcayanos Alumni International (temporary name) did a tremendous job in planning and spearheading the succesful reunion that we all experienced last week. She will continue to assist Wilfred Fabroa, website graphic artist and lead administrator, of our website.  She will change the primary domain name of the website (when survey is completed).  We requested a $10.00 annual memberhip fee to help renew and maintain the website.  Please help us spread the word around and if you have not paid yet, please mail your payment to Zen Melo at 7700 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Unit 601, Canoga Park, CA 91304.  

We are also accepting orders as donations to our organization and also fundraising the full coverage of the 3 day event and video in USB format (16 gig with 300 pictures and longer video) for $45.00 (including shipping and handling) within the continental USA only.  International shipping must be arrange with the Treasurer, Wilfred Llanes or the President, Zen F. Melo for Canada and other countries (custom tariff are very expensive).  The USB is the private property of our organization and it belongs to each and every alumni that will order.  Copying or duplicating of the device is not allowed. This fundraising is for the main purpose of maintaining our website and to support the Vancouver Grand Reunion 2020.  Your generosity will be very much appreciated.  We are counting on your donations and please order as soon as possible as the quantity to be open for purchase is very limited. 

The full list of members that paid their membership fees will be posted by the President and Treasurer on the next publication.  Financial report is available upon request.  

If you want to participate in the survey for the name change of our organization, please join the survey and follow the instruction released by our Site Administrator, Wilfred Fabroa.  The deadline will be on August 5, 2018. 

A few more announcements will be posted (as part of this press release) regarding clarification of events that occured.

Thank you once again and I hope with sincerity that this will be a beginning of new friendship to both past reunions.  These reunions are now memories of the past and that we should all act professionally and treat each other with respect and move on.  Our intention was to unite all Vizcayanos alumni regardless of where they graduated so that we can all be together to celebrate our accomplishments, building friendship and camaraderie.

Governor Carlos M. Padilla and Fr Neil Santa Ana, President of SMU requested that we build our friendship and not have ill-feelings toward each other to overcome the challenges of living in North America and other countries in the world.  Let us have our kababayan in the Philippines proud that we can continue to enjoy each other's company in good or bad times.

God Bless Us All!


Eletta T. Quiboloy, Vice President, SMU & Vizcayanos Alumni International 

To view our Souvenir Program in eBook format, pls. click on
the image. To flip pages, click on the upper or lower 
 right hand corner of the page.



Hello to all Novo Vizcayanos, alumni, friends, families and new friends!

The Vizcayanos Grand Reunion 2018 held in Los Angeles was a success. All the attendees had so much fun that the three days came and went so fast. New friendship was forged and the unity amongst the Vizcayanos was so intense that it seems those nights and one day should never end.  Parting ways was so emotional that the fun and enjoyment experienced by everyone can still be felt on our skin and the magic of the night was so memorable. We still can feel the warmth of the embrace of our new found friends, our old friends and schoolmates. Governor Carlos M. Padilla had joined the fun and he travelled thousand miles just to share his support to each and everyone of us. Father Neil Santa Ana was not able to make it because of medical emergency. He was so excited to come. We wish Fr. Neil a speedy recovery.

The Welcome Night on Friday, June 29 "Hollywood Theme" brought back memories of old hollywood. The arch of Hollywood welcomed each and every attendee. The Hollywood sign was in the ballroom, welcoming everyone to the land of entertainment.  Cameras were clicking non-stop. The music was fantastic that you cannot afford not to tap your toes and go dancing on the dancefloor even with two left feet.  The food was plentiful with 10 hot different items from fish, chicken, beef and all.  11 appetizers with different salads that came from the fresh farms of California, unlimited servings of fruits - so sweet, succulent and fresh and unlimited drinks. We all dance to our heart content until wee hours of the night. The sweet, melodic voice of the professional singers captivated our hearts as they serenaded each one of us. Thank you Danny Galeon, Blanca, Jim. Our emcees: George and Eletta made the night unforgetable with their adlibs and funny antics that the crowd had enjoyed.  All the attendees were so cooperative that they remained glued to the speech and enjoyed the entire program.

The Gala night was a night to remember "Midnight in Paris Theme" - the lights that adorned the walls of the ballroom (trees covered with lights), the centerpieces were so captivating (that everyone bought it all). The laser lights of the black wooden dancefloor (24 feet x 24 feet) was spacious enough to accommodate the crowd.  Dr. Ricardo Maddela introduced the governor with such honor and Governor Padilla delivered the most inspirational speech that moved every Vizcayanos with standing ovation. We started the evening with a toast for everyone with champagne. Dinner was so delicious with huge portion of salmon, salad, bread, coffee, tea, and dessert. Everybody showed with their most beautiful gowns and tuxedo, coat and tie and barong. The program presented was very interesting and fun. The performers were great .  Dance, song were incomparable. The winner of the best in gown competition was Mildred Tallungan Joop and for the gentleman it was Tony Abellera. The dancefloor was open to everyone at 9:00 pm and everybody dance, and enjoyed the night away.

The picnic was served with lechon, and other filipino delicacies. All the attendees were full to the brim.  Everybody had fun until it was time to say goodbye till next time.

The next host was volunteered by Chicago come 2020.

I would like to take this opportunity to express in behalf of the steering committee (now the official officers of this organization) our sincerest apologies for the little inconvenieces that was experienced during the event. We tried to accommodate everyone and tried our best but sometimes our best was not enough to please and serve everyone. I know it was difficult to transport people at one time but because of unavoidable circumstances that the mini bus that was paid to transport people did not show up the  last minute..  So we have to make sacrifices by tranporting people as much as we can.  Still everybody made it on time to register and the program started the exact time. Second of all is the mixup of the seating arrangement during the gala night. The seating arrangement dictated by the hotel's catering manager was not followed - so inorder for the waiters to do their job assigned to the correct tables - we have to follow their directives or else they will not serve the food on time. I know not everyone was happy that we have to pull them out of their tables and direct them to the right table. Thank you Letta, Cely, especially George who calm the people down to cooperate. Aside from this minor incumbrances, the night was successful. The picnic - people arrived late because the pavillion was located by the lake and it was difficult to see from the road.  We failed to do some signs of directions. Inspite of all these misgivings, we delivered the best reunion ever.

The pictures are currently being downloaded. Today, is July 4th and the officers deserve a little rest after the hectic months of preparation.

Pictures are ready to view but only "teasers". We will download all the pictures and video in one "flashdrive" of the entire three days.  If you want to have or view the entire program of the reunion, we are now accepting orders for a minimal fee (to be announced by Letta T. Quiboloy). This fee will be a fundraising to defray expenses of the maintenance of the website and help us pay for vendors that was kind enough to deliver goods and services and to help the next host and fulfill our contributions to our chosen charities (all alumni of Vizcayanos are urge to submit to the association what charities we will go for).

A membership fee of $10.00 per year is now being accepted. Please send your check payable still to SMU until we can change the name of our bank account to the new name of the organization.  The membership fee will help us pay the maintenance of the website and the monthly subscription fees.  Send it to c/o Zen F. Melo, President (Vizcayanos Alumni International) at 7700 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Unit 601, Canoga Park, CA 91304. When you send in your membership fees, please put your name and spouse name, current address, email address and phone numbers (very important). The names of the members (that paid) will be published in the website.

We will also create a Facebook Account of this organization so every members can access, share, post their opinions and suggestions aside from the website.

We also urge all attendees to submit their suggestions, opinions as to: (1) Registration offline and online; (2)the souvenir program layout; (3) any other constructive criticisms.  We will compile all suggetions to be reviewed and will help us improve our website and how we will conduct the next reunion on 2020.

If the name of our organization "Vizcayanos Alumni International" is acceptable to all or if you have any other names, please submit your suggestion to Zen F. Melo, President, at 7700 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Unit 601, Canoga Park, CA 91304.

The full financial statement as to the expenses, income are being prepared by our Treasurer, Wilfred Llanes and will be publish both in our website and facebook by next week.

A financial report of Zen F. Melo, past president of the SMU Alumni Association of Los Angeles - that was dispproved by Lee Tengco and Marlene Cordero without proper disposition and  hearing will be explained and published in this website. Full disclosure of all expenses will be publish. This is being prepared and approved by our lawyer.

Thank you all our friends and all Novo Vizcayanos for joining us.  I hope I did not disappoint you with my promise to deliver an unforgetable and enjoyable grand reunion.  

Please watch out for the order information of the full coverage of the 3 day events.  Hundreds of pictures and video.  

See you all in Chicago on 2020.


The Steering Committee

Eletta T. Quiboloy, Vice-President will be posting the full narrative of important events next publication by next week.  


We also would like to thank Deo Tiam the emcee for the gala night.  He was amazing and very entertaining.  He made the attendees get up from the seats and participate with the fun and enjoyment.  Remy O. Guy, was the host of the night. She was stunning with her red gown and her voice and witty remarks introducing our emcee, Deo Tiam, was a blast.

We had the most fun and the night was magical.  We felt we all belong to one family.  There was no tension nor judgment from anyone.  We were united in friendship, kindness and love. Everybody was moving around, introducing themselves, sharing stories of their towns and experiences.  Nobody was seating or moping around.  Everybody is just having fun.  We enjoyed each and everyone of us.  We feel that we belong to each other.  Governor Padilla was dancing the cha cha cha (his favorite).  Dr. Dick Maddela had fun talking to everyone in gaddang (he had not seen the Vizcayanos for a very long time nor speak the dialect).

Thank you for the music Wilfred, treasurer and DJ.  Thank you Judith, Liaison Officer, Los Angeles, for the memories put in photographs.  Thank you Monet, Consultant, for sharing us the glories of your reign as Mrs. Phlippines World USA 2015.  Thank you OMG performers.  Thank you Carina for the moving narrative on the candle ceremony.  Thank you Judy for your beautiful voice singing the National Anthem and The Vizcaya Hymn.  Thank you contestants and the awardees.  We did missed Mrs. Lorice Guterrez, the recipient of the Longevity Award.  Thank you for bringing to us your most wonderful Gutierrez children.  Thank you George for your performance and sharing us your melodious voice.  Thank you Danny for your God-given voice.  Thank you Blanca and Jim for entertaining us.

It was a wonderful gathering and it seems that we dont want it to end.

Thank you everyone for coming and I hope this friendship wil last forever.  Until we see each other again.

I would like to share with you an open letter of Fr. Neil Santa Ana.  He was deeply missed.

(Sent thru email of the SMU President's office - 6/26/2018)  This is not fake news.  Samuel Damayon can confirm this letter of Fr. Neil)

Rev. Fr. Renillo H. Sta. Ana, CICM, SMU President's open letter for you and the Alumni Members for the LA Alumni Reunion:

Dear Zennie and all Alumni members,

I am writing this letter with much feeling of embarrassment.

I am asking your double pardon and understanding. For the first communication that I accepted your invitation to grace the coming SMU Alumni Association Reunion in Los Angeles. I really believed that I should likewise represent, as president, Saint Mary’s University in your important gathering. But due to Administrative concerns I could not stay longer in the United States during my first trip there to attend the other SMU Alumni Association Reunion. So, I communicated that I would not be able to join your beautiful gathering.

After some thoughts and after having able to attend to the administrative concerns in the University, I found a good arrangement to again be able to attend your gathering. I really would like to create a good liaison between Saint Mary’s University and our Marian Alumni Community there among you. However, these two days, I placed my myself in hospitalization due to severe skin allergy. I thought the two days would give me enough time to recover from this allergy, but the condition has remained delicate. I decided therefore to cancel my flight to Los Angeles and so I regret that I would not be able to join you anymore. I don’t want to aggravate my health condition and to give you burden for my poor health there.

Again, in sincerity and in humility, I ask your double pardon and understanding for the two rounds of disappointment and inconvenience that I have done you. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I wish everyone in attendance and all the officers for the great success of this SMU Alumni Association Reunion this coming June 29 to July 1 there in Los Angeles.

 I give my greetings and blessings to all.


Father Neil.

We pray Fr. Neil has recovered and he was with us in spirit.  We still will continue to support his mission and he will always be a guiding light to all of the Vizcayanos.

We are now receiving orders for the 3 days events in photographs and short video via USB format.  The price per USB is $30.00 (inclusive of shipping and handling- international mailing will be determined).  Please send your check payable to SMU and send to Zen Melo at 7700 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Unit 601, Canoga Park, CA 91304 or to Wilfred Llanes, Treasurer and Judith Contreras, Liaison Officer (address will be provided next posting).

Eletta Quiboloy, Vice-President will update all of us regarding the 2020 Host of the reunion.

We are working postings some pictures of the reunion next week after the download.

Take care everyone.  We love you all.

Steering Committee



To All Alumni of Nueva Vizcaya:

We are now close to the First Grand Reunion of Nueva Vizcaya Alumni to be held in Los Angeles, California on June 29, 30, and July 1, 2018.  The reunion's goal is to create camaraderie, cooperation and friendship among graduates/alumni of the various high schools in Nueva Vizcaya.  There had been various reunions that were focused exclusively for graduates of SMU and NVGHS graduates but it is about time that we all come together to have fun and enjoy each other's company in song and dance and meet our fellow citizens of Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines,

We encourage you to please join us and be a part of this big event.  The registration fee is $195.00 which you could pay at the door.  If you cannot attend all three days, we want you to know that you can come on the day that you wish (this is a special offer).  We will accept attendee's payment for the first night at $75.00, the gala night $85.00 and the picnic will be $50.00.  The first night will be an event of getting to know each other, which will be held at Signature Banquet Hall located at 11130 Balboa Blvd, A, Granada Hills, CA 91344, Friday, June 29.  The second night's venue for the gala night on June 30 will be held at the Hilton Hotel located at 6360 Canoga Avenue, Woodland Hills 91367, where the current governor of Nueva Vizcaya, the Honorable Carlos M. Padilla will be present to give us a short inspirational speech.  The third day, July 1, 2018 will be the picnic to be held at Lake Balboa where Governor Padilla will be present to  hold a forum with us.

You will surely be entertained on the three days and enjoy to your heart' s desire the singing and dancing.

If you plan to fly, please try to go through the Burbank Airport as there will be individuals who will pick you from the airport and bring you to your hotel accommodation.  We hope that Hilton could still accommodate you as the price of a room has been negotiated at a low rate of $139.00 a night wth two king beds in each room. Everyone will be transported to Signature Banquet Hall from Hilton and back and to the picniic site.

The Steering Committee worked hard in making this reunion a memorable one where you will enjoy being with your loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

We look forward to your presence and on behalf of the steering committee, thank you, salamat, Dios Mabbalat, Dios ti agngina, for your support.


Eletta Tiam-Quiboloy 


"The officers of the steering committee would like to take this opportunity to send our love to all the mothers.  We dedicate this event to the most wonderful human being, our mom.  Words cannot express the gratitude that our mom deserves for all that she had done for us throughout the years"  

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Registration for the Vizcayanos Grand Reunion is ongoing.  We urge everyone to register soon as we only have a few more weeks to go before the big day.  We need everybody's help to fill out their registration form with your checks or credit cards so we can have the grandest reunion ever.

Our event will be like attending 2 different parties for 2 nights:  The welcome night on June 29, 2018 will be at the Signature Banquet Hall, Granada Hills.  It will be a Hollywood theme Party - with all the glitter and glamour of old Hollywood.  It will be a seated dinner served family style with 11 appetizers and 10 hot items, unlimited fruits and drinks (except alcohol).  Dinner will be served until 10:30 p.m.  An exciting program will be prepared for all of you.  The Gala Night will be at the Hilton WoodLand Hills Trillium Ballroom and lots of room for dancing. The theme will be "Midnight in Paris" ==  It will be seated dinner with 5 choices of hot dinner, salads, dessert and drinks (no alcohol)... The final day will be our Picnic at Lake Balboa.  Filipino delicacies will be served.

With your registration fees includes Tshirt, tote bags, souvenir program,giveaways, and raffle.

For those alumni that needs to relax and for a  getaway - the Catalina Island Tour - one day - is still ongoing for senior rate of $66.50 round trip.  Tranportation from the hotel to San Pedro Port and back will be $30.00 round trip payable to the driver.  If you are interested to join the tour please contact Zen Melo at 818-429-8059 or email:

So hurry everyone - please register as soon as possible.  The deadline is fast approaching.

We promise a wonderful grand reunion to all of you.  We will have fun.  No pressure,no stress.  This is the reunion of all the Vizcayanos and we are very proud that we are.

From the Steering Commitee especially from Eletta T. Quiboloy, Liaison Officer, Seattle


To the SMU & Vizcayanos Alumni:

This is to inform all Vizcayanos that the Easy Payment Plan is now suspended.  All registration fees must be paid in full ($195.00 per attendee) in check, or money order.  We also accept all forms of credt cards except Discover card.  We honor PayPal as well.  You can mail your checks to Zen Melo at 7700 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Unit 601, Canoga Park, CA 91304. Receipts will be provided via the website or will be in your tote bags at the venue.

The deadline of registration and payment of fees as well as the submission and payments for advertisements in the souvenir program had been extended to May 20, 2018.  This will give Alumni to work on their vacation requests and completion of personal time off.

However, we encourage all Alumni to register as soon as possible.  Please dont wait until the day of the deadline so you will not stress out and also most importantly to give ample time for the members of the steering committee to complete the necessary projects.

We are now receiving payments for registration fees and advertisements in numbers but we still anticipating a lot more.  So please be one of those Alumni that plans ahead for a better day and outcome.

Ladies, please dig out your gowns that were left hanging in your closet to show off on the "Best in Gown Competition" .  This will be the time . Awards and trophies will be given to the best A gentleman will be chosen to walk the winner.  So gentlemen dress up and be the handsomest guy of the night.

All Alumni please converge with your batch (all schools) to participate in the program and show your talents in any field that you desire and share by performing on the Welcome Night. If you decide to perform please submit your proposal so we can include in the program.  The program for both nights are now almost complete, so hurry up and inform the planning committee.  You can email to

Also, remember to book your hotel as soon as possible. Rooms are selling fast.  You can use our group rate or if you are a Hilton Honors member, you can use that too.

More information on the Catalina Island tour will be posted .  We need 20 people to book to avail of the the low group rate of $56.00 .  If you plan to join the boat ride, please let the officers know or email zen.

Thank you and see you all on June 29, June 30 and July 1, 2018.

From the Steering Committee


Happy Valentines to all.  May this day brings you closer to all you loved.heart

The steering committee is very pleased to announce that we are now in the final preparation for the big days and we are so excited counting the days that we will all be together to enjoy the fruit of labor of all the officers.

We urge everyone to register soon.  The deadline for registration and souvenir program submission and payments will be on April 28, 2018.  Please mark your calendars. It is our desire that everyone will register as soon as possible so we can lock in important dates of our event and give you the best reunion, the best food, the best presentation and well prepared program.  

Anyone who are interested to  join the boat ride to Catalina Island on July 2, 2018 must book their reservations with the Catalina Tours as soon as possible.  The information is on their website.  If you need help to book, please let the officers know.  Transportation from the hotel to San Pedro Harbor will be available for a minimum fee of $20.00 - round trip per person.  The rate for the boat tour is available on our website in one of our announcements.

Please encourage every vizcayanos to join our website and avail of the many benefits of registering online and other methods of payments.


See you all on June 29 to July 1,2018.

From the Steering Committee

News Flash!!! - You can now reserve your hotel room/s for the grand reunion. Click "Hotel Reservation" on the upper left panel of the website homepage to take you to the hotel link. Just follow the prompt. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate. It will only take you less than 2 minutes to complete.

REUNION UPDATE (Aug. 3rd, 2017)

How time flies so fast, we now have less than 365 days to the big day, the SMU/Vizcayanos 2018 first Grand Reunion is fast approaching.  The steering committee is feeling the excitement in preparing a program that will give all of you the best entertainment “the Hollywood style” but we need everybody’s share and contribution to make this successful.

The Welcome Night, June 29, 2018, highlight will be the Singing Contest. The categories of the contest will be SOLO, DUET OR GROUP. We request the contestants to email their DEMO Song recorded via Smartphone, Ipad, or via facebook to our DJ, Wilfred Llanes at, include in your email the title of your song to Wilfred as we will utilize the latest Karaoke. The recorded demo songs will be the audition where contestants will be chosen. There will be 6 finalists.  Prizes and trophies will be awarded to the winners.  The Deadline for submitting the demo will be January 15, 2018.

The Gala Night, June 30, 2018, highlight will be “Best in Gown Competition”.  Here you go ladies, it’s time to bring out your beautiful gowns and be like a Hollywood diva. Contestants will randomly be picked at the hallway before entering the ballroom.  A gentleman will be chosen to be the escort to the winner. So gentlemen be the best dressed and handsome, as always, before the camera. Prizes and trophies will be awarded to the winner and finalists. 10 contestants will be chosen. There will be 5 finalists.

Another highlight is the recognition of the “oldest living Alumnus/Alumna” from all schools.  Please submit a name (your dad, your grandpa, your relative), birth (month/year) who are still with us and had attended (in any year, short or long) at any schools in Nueva Vizcaya.  We had identified one: Mr. Pedro Fabroa (NVHS and SMC alumnus) who will be 95 years old in 2018.  If you know anyone older than my papa, please submit their names.  A Recognition Award will be given.

Most of all is your involvement to be part of the entertainment, we are requesting everyone to show their talents in singing, dancing, (solo, duet or group), etc. Please submit your performance and indicate the music or title to Brenda Fabroa Martin, chairperson, at Each performance must only be 3 minutes. We allotted 45 minutes in our program.  The deadline for submitting your performance will be on January 15, 2018.

Other highlights will be published in our website :  Catalina Island tour, directions to the venues and other announcements.

See you all in 2018.


To our fellow Alumni and Novo Vizcayanos:

It is with great pride that we now open our doors to celebrate our life, success and camaraderie since we finished our schooling in the Province of Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. We have been so divided and separately celebrated our reunions and meeting our kababayans.

This time through the initiative of St. Mary's High School Class of 1966 and SMU Alumni Association of Los Angeles, we would like to officially invite you to join us for the beginning of many other reunions among all of us for the coming years.

The first reunion will be held in Los Angeles, California on June 29 to July 1, 2018. We are celebrating for three days. The first night, June 29, 2018 - Welcome Night, will be a getting to know each other again. The second night, June 30, 2018 is the Gala Night that will include our beloved Governor Carlos Padilla as our guest speaker. The third day, July 1, 2018 will be a picnic that will give us time to relax and have a chance to get to know our Honorable Governor by allowing us to have an open question and answer session.

Please join us and meet other Vizcayanos.


This reunion will be for all Vizcayanos. This is an independent gathering different from the SMU reunion headed by Marlene Cordero, Emma Geronsin and Lee Tengco of SMU Nueva Vizcaya Alumni of San Francisco, a registered non-profit charitable foundation since 2015. The June 8-10, 2018 SMU reunion hosted by their LA CHAPTER, SMU Alumni Association of Southern California headed by Gloria Cajanap is a CHARITY EVENT.

This announcement is to clarify and not to be confused with the charitable foundation. Our planning committee is doing this event as pure reunion and that your registration fees would be solely earmarked for your entertainment.

Please kindly pass this invitation to our fellow Vizcayanos. Visit and join our website

Mabbalat, Dios ti agngina, Salamat, Thank you

From SMU Alumni Class 66 and SMUAALA planning committee

Prepared by: Eletta Tiam-Quiboloy - SMHS Class '66



Our fellow Alumni, Vizcayanos, friends and families:

We are now officially launching our preparation for our reunion on June 29, 30 & July 1, 2018. Registration is now open for everyone. Our Offline and Online Registration/Souvenir Program forms are now officially accessible via our website; It's never too early to open officially our reunion's registration because we want you to have ample time to schedule your family vacation and save gradually for this purpose e.g. cut down your starbucks coffee, your casino trip, putting loose change in your piggy bank. The reunion dates have been carefully planned to coincide with the school breaks/vacation for your kids or grandkids and also the holidays.

The Alumni Class'66 started this tradition and now paves the way for this reunion to be opened to all Vizcayanos (SMU and non-SMU) to come and experience the most eventful gathering of friendship and unity that was taken for granted for a very long time. We will forge a friendship that every generation or our children and grandchildren to partake and be a part of for years to come.  This will be the beginning of a wonderful experience.

In addition, we are now almost 70% sold out in our Souvenir Program ad subscription. Alumni from different places and scattered throughout North America as far as Australia and previous subscribers have come on board, and placed their family ads to grace the beautiful pages of our souvenir program, being done by no other than the Webmaster/Desktop Layout Artist of SMU Alumni Association of Toronto and now has taken the task of doing the same for our SMU Alumni Association of Los Angeles-SMU Alumni Class'66 (from website creation, our association logo and all other graphics of the association. We urge everyone to share their beautiful families, business and personal messages in our souvenir program.

My fellow alumni, vizcayanos and friends, you are all welcome. Please join our website. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE. Our website is designed to accept all vizcayanos, friends, guests and families. Just submit your name by emailing to our Root Administrator at and will include you in our database.

Registration is now open for all of you. Registration guidelines are outlined in our website. If you need help in registering, please email our webmaster, Wilfred Fabroa at or our chairperson, Brenda Fabroa Martin at

Thank you and in behalf of the organizing committees, volunteers and supporters, we look forward to your registering in our reunion and LETS HAVE MORE FUN IN L.A., the place we all would rather be.

More announcements will be undertaken regarding additional promotions in our website.


Dios iti agngina kadakayo amin.

Class '66 • SMU LA reunion committees & Volunteers

To Register Click here:  "REUNION-how-to-Register"



The countdown is on to JUNE 29 TO JULY 1, 2018 SMU GRAND REUNION IN LA!

SMU Alumni Association of Los Angeles is now an independent organization created to host, in collaboration with Class '66, the 2018 reunion of SMU Alumni in Los Angeles.
Join our website:

Hello my fellow alumni, vizcayanos, friends and family,

SMU Alumni Association of Los Angeles is proud to announce that 2018 SMU GRAND REUNION will continue as scheduled on June 29 to July 1, 2018 in collaboration with Class 66, who created and hosted the very first SMU grand reunion.  We are back where we started and what reunion is all about.

This committee is formed to continue to serve SMU alumni, family and friends to have a successful reunion of friendship and unity.  A bonding of all Vizcayanos.  

This committee will offer the same venues and hotel rate as it was originally offered.

REGISTRATION ONLINE will be launch soon. The registration fee is $195.00 per attendee and includes T-shirt, souvenir programs, raffle tickets, giveaways and tote bag.  Please visit our website:  Join and register.

HOTEL ROOM ACCOMMODATIONS:  Hilton Hotel Woodland Hills, the room rate is $139.00/nt plus tax. Room with double king beds . This is a perfect hotel for groups as it is located in one of the safest areas in Los Angeles and walking distance to premier restaurants(my fellow Torontonians if you know JOEY restaurant by Don Mills, they just open a branch at The Village) first class shopping mall, movie theaters and parks.  Group Code for booking will be available by August 2017.  You can avail of the same rate of a shoulder 1 day prior June 29 and 2 days after July 1, 2018 depending upon your early registration and availability.  It's the week of Canada Day and July 4 holidays, so take advantage.  If you plan of doing this please kindly contact Zen Melo at 818-429-8059 or email: and she will do the reservation for you.  

WELCOME NIGHT VENUE on June 29, 2018:  We will have our welcome night in a different venue, different atmosphere, that you feel like Cinderella waiting for your prince to swept you away to your crystal castle.  This enchanted place is called "THE SIGNATURE".  It will be a seated dinner, family style - a fusion of different food- 11 appetizers, 10 hot entrees, fruit trays, unlimited drinks which will include but not limited to sodas, coffee and tea. Sorry but we are not serving alcohol. EVENT HIGHLIGHT   SINGING CONTEST,  Dress code: Semi-formal


GALA NIGHT VENUE on June 30, 2018:  We will hold our gala night at the Hilton hotel.  A seated dinner and there will be 5 choices of hot entrees to choose from; the menu will be send to attendees 14 days prior to event for selection. salads, dessert, coffee and tea.  There will be a cash bar. EVENT HIGHLIGHT:  BEST IN GOWN COMPETITION, Dress Code:  Formal.

PICNIC VENUE ON JULY 1, 2018 - CELEBRATING CANADA DAY: Our picnic will be held at Lake Balboa, a very exclusive park that is overlooking the lake and there is a waterfall.  The food will be catered.  

SOUVENIR PROGRAM: We encourage everyone to advertise in the souvenir program, a souvenir you will cherish and keep forever. It's a great way to advertise your business to your fellow Vizcayanos. Full page is $100 and half page is $50. Please email your photos to Wilfred Fabroa, our webmaster.


TRANSPORTATION: Complimentary transportation from the hotel to the venues will be provided.

The list of contact should you have any questions or concerns:

Los Angeles - Zen Melo  818-429=8059 Email: zennie                                                            

Los Angeles - Brenda Martin  562-899-1816 

Seattle - Eletta Tiam Quiboloy - 541-281-7225 

Vancouver - Cely Baladad Gutierrez -






(June 29th to July 1st, 2018) reunion has been reinstated. Join website for up-to-date development.

(This isn't FALSE NEWS's real)


My fellow SMU Alumni, families and friends:

It is very heart wrenching to break the news to all of you, the June 29 – July 1, 2018 SMU Grand Reunion has been cancelled. It is with regret and profound sadness that I have to impart with you the unfortunate events that led to this cancellation.

We worked very hard to make this work. We have spent so many hours, sacrifices and lost of income to volunteer to give you the best reunion you will ever experience. We labored selflessly, we volunteered our time and dedication the best that we could but our best was not enough. We are almost there. We gave a very nice newly renovated hotel, The Hilton, with 2 king beds for only $139.00/night with window to reserve room a night before the event and 2 nights after for the same rate. I negotiated for this rate until 4AM. A catering menu for $53.00/pp with 5 choices seated in a nice huge ballroom. Signature Banquet Hall, a Cinderella venue, offered dozens of items and imagine seated, food after food serve until 10pm for only $50.00/pp. Dancing your night away until 1:30pm. Picnic venue with waterfalls and overlooking the lake. Now it is just a dream.

The registration was ready to launch, with different method of payment like pay by check or PayPal. Programs were already drafted; Half of our 72-page Souvenir Program advertisers have been solicited and layout draft of their ads have been forwarded for their approval. A special guest speaker has accepted our invitation since September 7, 2017, the one and only Governor of Nueva Vizcaya, Carlos Padilla, who has offered to come as my longtime friend, not a politician. It is now difficult and very embarrassing to disinvite him. Asian Journal accepted to do coverage, the photographer of Glamour gave us a very low service fees. The buses and drivers that will service our transport from the hotel to the venues already accepted our proposal. Our entertainment portion is already in the works. My actor friends accepted our invitation to dance with the performers. Dancing Instructors have accepted our proposals to be available for all of you as dance partners for free to dance the night away. Our own DJ, a volunteer/officer, has lined up his new equipment and best music for your dancing pleasure. Pledges from NON-SMU sponsors and donors have been pouring in (all my friends from the entertainment industry and relatives even one of the higher government official). I have collected more than enough to give to the charity foundation of Marlene Cordero. I returned all the checks. These are all gone now because of personal vendetta and injustice against me.

I owe an explanation (or my side of the story) to each and everyone of you because this is your reunion and you suffered the brunt. It is your loss as well as mine.

On February 20, 2017, Marlene Cordero, sent me an email addressed to all Board of Directors, members of this Chapter and also non-officers (Gloria Cajanap and Aurora Birco, the CANCELLATION OF OUR CHAPTER (patterned and based on the bylaws of the existing parent organization, SMU Nueva Vizcaya, a Charity Foundation). According to Marlene Cordero and Lee Tengco, they both do not accept and recognized our Chapter that they accepted and approved on September 26, 2016 (letter of approval signed by Lee Tengco and acknowledged by Marlene Cordero were published on our website as well as SMUVA). After 5 months they claimed not to accept nor recognized our Chapter. The reason of cancellation and the basis of her decision was not clear to us (even the lawyer I hired does not know the meaning) “because of the manner in which it was formed”? Our bylaw does not conflict with their bylaws. We had the very best of intentions when we submitted our application as well when we elected our officers.

Marlene’s Letter of Disapproval:

As the President of the SMU Nueva Vizcaya Alumni, the duly recognized non-profit organization representing SMU Alumni internationally, I hereby declare the following:

  1. Your newly formed LA Chapter was not accepted nor recognized by myself or Lee Tengco, the SMU NV Western USA Vice President because of the manner it was formed;

  2. You are hereby advised to not advertise any reunion details for 2018;

  3. The SMU NV Alumni website will remove all postings from your previously & more recently formed LA Chapters.

  4. Gloria Cajanap, the alumna who requested the SMU Alumni reunion to be held in Los Angeles in 2018 & whose request was granted by the great majority of members at the general meeting held on July 17, 2016, is hereby appointed as the LA Reunion Chairperson.”

I asked Gloria Cajanap to lead the organization numerous times, she refused. I offered her again the position on July 31, 2016 on our first meeting before we elect the officers (this is the only meeting she attended). I don’t want to lead this prepping of organization when I found out that Marlene wants us to be under their Board of Directors to manage and do the budget of this operation. Gloria Cajanap assured everybody that we will vote to be independent as a Chapter. The officers were elected and second the motion by Gloria and Aurora (that they later denied). Committees were formed (subject to changes). Minutes was published on our website.

After 5 months of operation, Gloria Cajanap and Aurora Birco disputed and recant their votes for the interim officers. Gloria called for meetings to review the bylaws and re-election of new officers. I advised everyone that this meeting was not authorized by the President and agenda must be beneficial to the SMU Alumni. Basing on the poor or no performance of Gloria, re-election of officers and review of bylaws will not benefit the reunion.

Gloria was asked numerous times to help draft the bylaws to use to open a bank account and for the application for a new Chapter but she told me she does not have time. Wilfred LLanes, a non-SMU, volunteered to help me draft the bylaws, patterned with SMUVA bylaws, that will not conflict with their objectives. Our bylaws stated that it would be open to all SMU and non-SMU on all counties of California. On August 5, 2016, the drafted bylaws were emailed to all officers together with the letter of notification to review. I texted Gloria to open or read her emails. No response from either Gloria or Aurora, majority gave their endorsement for formality. On August 12, 2016, Wilfred Llanes sent our applications with all the necessary documentations to Lee Tengco for his review and approval. We called for a teleconference with San Francisco to present our intentions of becoming a chapter on August 23, 2016, because of low attendance, Gloria declined this meeting as well because she is busy with her other organization, this was postponed.

On September 26, 2016, after more than month of submission, without any objection from Marlene and Lee Tengco, we received the approval of our Chapter.

The approval of our Chapter was announced to all officers and members on September 26, 2016 via email. All moves that I made were communicated by emails to all officers because they are too busy to attend meetings. Gloria started to complain to Lee Tengco asking a copy of our bylaws for review as Vice President as she did not approve the bylaws. She claimed that she never received it. Copies were sent to everybody.

We mobilized the preparation of this organization basing on this approval. The committees chair and lead were notified of their duties and responsibilities.

The personal vendetta of Gloria and Aurora had caused a discord in our operation. Gloria was assigned the Venue Committee. Even before the approval of the Chapter, we already started preparation. I asked Gloria list of prospective hotels so it will be ready by the time our Chapter will be approved. She never submitted any proposal after 2 months I asked her again of the status. She yelled at me (via text in bold letters) “ Give me a break, I am very busy organizing another event “ and told me to text her if I want to talk to her. I informed her and the other officers that I am hiring a consultant to work on hotel proposals. I informed Gloria and she consented. I worked with the consultant but she could not give me a rate that will be reasonable for the Alumni. I submitted my own biddings to hotels until the wee hours of the morning until I won Hilton in Woodland Hills for $139.00 per night and $10,000 Food and beverage seated. I was so excited to share this good news and called a meeting on October 30, 2016 to present this proposal. Gloria and Aurora did not attend. Webinar was even offered and Facetime but she did not avail or call. I asked everyone to submit also their proposals. Gloria accused me of not being truthful to her about hiring a consultant and it was me who wants the job. She accused me of being a dictator for giving them assignments to work on. I asked them to review the committees and let them decide where they are comfortable of doing. She complained why we have to plan the event so early and it still far from 2018. My 20 years of hosting parties, this event or any event is just like a wedding. We have to lock in the best hotel as early as possible to be able to avail the current low rate because the dates we chose were a holiday (July 4th) weekend. Rates will go up drastically for 2018. If the venue is in placed long before the event – one year will not be enough to put the major work together so we will have enough time to correct mistakes. Aurora wants hotel near the airport, even the consultant, discouraged this because it was not safe and no entertainment accessible to the alumni who will be attending the reunion.

The proposal for Hilton will expire on December 8, 2016. I keep on emailing all the officers to submit their counter proposal. If anyone who can give a lower rate than $139.00 to submit it and I am willing to step down and resign. Nobody submitted. So on December 6, 2016, I asked Aurora and Fely to go with me to Hilton and sign the contract but Aurora refused because she was going to Las Vegas and if there was any officer who can sign. I emailed everybody that we are ready to sign the contract and vote for their approval for all the venues I submitted with my proposal. Majority voted except Gloria and Aurora. On December 8, 2016, we signed the contract with Hilton rooms and catering. I paid the down payment with my own money. I emailed everybody that we now have a reunion to attend to.

On December 11, 2016, Gloria emailed everybody to STOP the planning and preparation of the reunion because she needs a break from not doing anything. We need to stop what we are doing until she is ready on January 2017. I told her why did she wait this long after so many notifications to her and the contract was already signed. She told me that she was working with Embassy Suites in Glendale and Aurora wants Holiday Inn in Torrance. I called Embassy Suites and they gave me their proposal for July 9 (that was the date given by Gloria). I bid on this hotel and it was very expensive. The manager sent me the proposal given to Gloria and the rate was $199.00 per night and $29,000 (catering) buffet. I called Holiday Inn – the rate for 2018 will not be available until June 2017 and food and beverage was $75.00 per head and it was in an industrial area not safe for our alumni for a 3 day event. According to Aurora “it does not matter if the hotel is not nice as long as there is music and when alumni see each other they forget where they are and money will not be an issue”. Personally, I’m paying a lot of money for 3 days event and hotel, for a change I want a grand hotel, and food will be seated and served not a buffet that I feel like I am begging for food nonetheless with my nice dress”.

On January 5, 2017 Gloria demanded a reelection of officers and Aurora nominated her as President and to review our bylaws. I told her that we already almost done with the event, dates and venues are already published in the website. Why don’t we just go ahead and work on the major issues. Major committees headed by Gloria and Aurora. Gloria did not work on the Fundraising committee she headed. I did the fundraising for her. She insisted that she was assigned to chair the venue. I told her I took the job from her because she did not do her job for 4 months and she was replaced because of that and she was advised accordingly. All SMU Alumni officers in our association did not participate on any preparation of the reunion except some who sold tickets for fundraising because of their busy schedules. My friends volunteered to help as guest officers of the association. My friends who volunteered to help the SMU officers are professionals and expert on their line of work: I (my company Angels Entertainment) had been hosting parties for families of people from the entertainment industry for 20 years. Brenda my sister is a fashion designer and party planner and a tax preparer, Vicky (temporary secretary) is President of her own travel agency, worldwide traveler and an expert of booking hotels, Wilfred is a DJ, DI and hosting parties for more than 15 years. 

She complained to Marlene Cordero and Lee Tengco that the bylaws were not approved by her and the other officers, that we did not have an election and I assigned or forced myself to be the President. She badmouthed me to other SMU Alumni and threatens to impeach me as President without due process and cause and because I did my job. I reported her conduct to Lee Tengco but my notification was overshadowed by the complaints of Gloria. They sided with her. Marlene called a combined meeting with my group and Gloria’s group (they already divided us) to review our bylaws and to discuss fundraising for their charities and funds to meet a deadline. The other officers and I decline to abide by the agenda because as a Chapter we are independent and our bylaws were already reviewed and approved by them. I proposed that we will discuss what is beneficial to the reunion and I challenged how to meet the funds for their charities. I told them I cannot use the money for the registration fees because it is not tax deductible. We can use monies from sponsors and donors. I already have the money to augment the funds needed by July 1, 2017 that I worked very hard to solicit because I promised them that I will support their charities. I collected donations and pledges for more than $10,000.00 but after taking out our chapter without any conscience, all checks were returned. It was embarrassing for me to explain and decline their donations. It was an emotional distress to disinvite all our guests.

We did our best and good intentions to be able to serve and give all of you the reunion you deserve, a classy and glamorous reunion (for a change) as you have seen in our website. We gathered all the suggestions and mistakes of past reunions and we put in to place for all of you. It is with utmost pain and regrets that this happened and I apologize to all of you. Because of the selfishness, cruelty and injustice of these people, all of us were robbed of the opportunity to have a better reunion. It could have been fair and just to give Gloria the job if she had proven anything or did anything for the reunion. If our role was reverse, maybe it will not be too painful.

I am very proud of my loyal officers, SMU and non SMU alumni who volunteered unconditionally their time, effort, knowledge and sacrificed their families in prepping this failed reunion. Financial loss and emotional distress all of us endured was insurmountable.

I am so grateful for all the Alumni who rallied behind me and supported me during these trying times. Your thoughts and prayers will always be the guiding light for me that this kind of injustice will never happen again.

It is with deep sorrow that my family and friends will no longer support the non-profit organization and no longer be a fixture of any SMU grand reunion.

It will never be a goodbye to the tradition that CLASS’66 have started but a new and different vision will again be plan in the near future. Class 66 forever.

Goodbye to all SMU Alumni


Zen Fabroa Melo
Executive Director/President, SMU Alumni Association of Los Angeles
Root Administrator: